Asia Trans Group has been engaged in providing various business services and developing the business environment in China for 10 years.

One of our advantages is a well-established logistics system from the People’s Republic of China to Russia. Over 10 years of work, we have established ourselves as a very reliable partner and have received several awards for productive and high-quality cooperation.

One of the areas of our business is professional furniture tours to China. We are ready to offer our customers a high-quality professional service at an affordable price. Our team stands for the idea of ​​high-quality accessibility for all, which has been spreading in China in recent years. Time unreasonable overpriced just for the brand goes away. We look forward and try to update our ideals and principles of work in time, to be among those who change the World, and not adapt to it.

The offices of Asia Trans Group are located in the new business center of the South Chinese cities of Guangzhou – this is one of the three main cities of China and world centers of production and trade in the international arena; the main city of Russia – Moscow and other Russian cities; as well as in Samui Thailand.

Asia Trans Group is a team focused on optimal and cost-effective solutions for the client. We work without intermediaries at all stages of the organization of delivery of goods. We provide consulting and logistics services that are able to resolve any issues related to business in China. We work not only with Russia but also with other Asian and Western countries – this allows us to keep the quality level of our work at a high level. By choosing us, you make a contribution to your success and achievement of goals for an acceptable investment.

Our mission

The world is changing and transformation is becoming faster and faster every year. To be in trend – you need to be able to swim in the waves of the development of markets and opportunities. But what to do if you can not swim and can not imagine how to do it? That’s right – to turn to someone who can do it professionally and efficiently, to someone who does not use the phrase “a person can learn only by himself.” We adhere to the correct and logical approach: we get money, so we must accompany and provide service, help and give this process just as much attention as is needed and even more if it is needed. Otherwise, it will be just a fraud, not a service, and the more quality service. Our main goal is to set a high-quality and productive development of international relations in order to improve the well-being of people.

Our fundamental

  1. Always listen to the time, because it is it that dictates the rules in this World.
  2. Quality, quality and again quality in details, trifles, and faces.
  3. Service at the highest level.
  4. Fair value for money. We value the time and money of the client, just like our time and our money.
  5. Opening the possibilities of the modern World and international relations for all comers.
  6. Efficiency without extra costs: logical awareness, mathematical modeling, and optimization in every detail and process details.
  7. Building a customer-oriented business according to human laws, and not according to the laws of maximum profit.
  8. Providing only professional tools and opportunities for all our customers and partners.
  9. Continuous self-improvement.


Sincerely, Asia Trans Furniture team.


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Our partners

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