Let's take a closer look at what is a professional furniture tour to China and what is the difference between the simple purchase of furniture with a professional team.

1. The furniture tour to China is not only the opportunity to purchase unique furniture in the largest assortments in the world at attractive prices with the preservation of European quality, but also the possibility to completely repair the property with all the necessary finishing materials, lighting, plumbing and textiles with the same wide assortments as well as in furniture.

2. It is an opportunity to find everything you need for your property in comfort conditions for only 4 days without exhausting trips, which take at least 1 month in usual conditions. And everyone knows time is pricey nowadays.

3. It is an opportunity to get an additional discount to an already attractive price.

4. It is confidence in the quality of the goods, as we use our professional connections and 10 years of experience in China. You will no longer be perceived as a simple buyer, who can easily be cheated.

5. It is the mean of getting a top-level service in the organization of the tour itself, as well as another important stage is delivered to your destination in the shortest possible time.

6. It is an opportunity to get the most attractive prices for the quality delivery of your order. We have our own logistics company and our own warehouse in Foshan.

7. It is an opportunity to refill required goods without additional trips to China...

8. There are no any additional fees, we only get 5% of the total amount of your order. You do not have to pay an extra fee for the transfer from/to airport or worry about the cost of a trip to another city. All of our services are included in the indicated 5% of the amount spent.

9. It is an opportunity to visit tourist attractions, to get to know the Chinese culture and get some pleasant impressions.

10. It is a confidence in the outcome and in the process itself. Confidence that every dollar you spend will work 150% or more.

11. Its mean that you can get the design interior that you always dreamed about without any a headache.

12. Its mean that you gonna spend less money with more benefits.

13. It is an opportunity to visit several different cities such as Foshan, Guangzhou, Guzhen, Dongguan, and Yongfu that are famous for their markets.

14. It is a chance to get attractive conditions for cooperation between the project manager and designer, which will attract the client.

We know what China is from the point of view of doing business, not from the buyer point of view. Each year, the number of our partners in China is growing. We try to work only with the heads of enterprises and factories. We guarantee that your order will be treated in a special way, which is not unimportant for those who are going to spend their earned money in another country. We are in a position to assume all the obligations for professional support of your orders and create for you the most comfortable and professional conditions in this fascinating and exciting process.

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