Asia Trans Group is engaged in the following activities:

  • Logistics services by all modes of transport from China.
  • Business consulting on working with China is:
    • Wholesale purchases and delivery to your country;
    • Professional furniture tours to China. (We have the most favorable conditions and opportunities for customers and partners).
In general, the company is engaged in expanding the boundaries in working with China, giving ample professional opportunities to obtain benefits from international cooperation in the conditions of the new time.

Furniture tour is:

  • first of all, the ability to make a full purchase of all components for repair in the world's largest trading platform with the most extensive selection (designers, styles).
  • secondarily, the opportunity to significantly save your budget by spending 2-5 times less money.
  • the third - to save time and effort and put the whole procedure in 4 days.

Furniture tour consists of the following stages:

  • Application with the signing of the contract.
  • Studying your design project and drawing up a route in China.
  • Assistance in the design of tickets and visas. The visa is issued 3-14 working days (depends on your country). Hotel reservation.
  • Flight to Guangzhou, transfer to hotel, accommodation.
  • Trips along the route compiled (showrooms, factories, exhibition centers).
  • Purchase. Prepayment 30% of the value of the goods.
  • Transfer from hotel to Guangzhou airport.
  • On the part of the company: quality control of production, repacking, shipping, provision of a photo report.
  • On the client side: deposit + 5% for our services.
  • Calculation of the cost of delivery, including customs, coordination, a signing of a logistics agreement, payment after invoicing.
  • Container formation, a photo report from loading, delivery to home or warehouse.

Our main advantages:

  1. We are a company that for more than 10 years has been building partnerships with the management of Chinese factories operating in Western markets (quality, design).
  2. We are not just translators-buyers, we are the guarantor of quality and service between the producing and buying side. The guarantor at the international level is a very serious task. An important point: the contracts are not concluded in the country of the customer, but with Chinese factories in China on behalf of our company.
No, not the only one. Our company provides the ability to bring furniture to order from our catalogue or search for furniture according to your design project with the exact dimensions.
Most of the furniture malls and factories are located in Foshan (Guangdong Province). In the same place, you can purchase building and finishing materials, plumbing, light fixtures, decoration, textiles.
Furniture production time takes an average of two weeks. If it is a complicated furniture, then it can take up to one month to produce it. Delivery takes 35-45 days, including customs clearance.
The cost of our services is 5% of the total amount of your order. The cost of our services includes:
  • Assistance in issuing tickets and visas
  • Personal car in China
  • Accompanied by a professional translator
  • Inspection of the quality of goods (unlimited number of visits)
  • Consolidation of cargo in stock
The average shipping cost is usually 30% of the value of the goods. The exact amount is known after loading the container and making shipping documents.
You make an advance deposit payment to the factory account when placing an order in the amount of 30% of its value. Payment occurs in cash: yuan or dollars.
When placing an order, you leave a 30% deposit directly to the manufacturer in cash in RMB or dollars, and the remaining 70% payment after making furniture under an additional agreement with the company (in any convenient way for the client) + 5% for the company's services.
In the majority of showrooms and factories, payment is possible only in cash in RMB.
In China, more than 6,000 furniture manufacturers are concentrated in one place (Foshan City), not counting manufacturers of other product groups. Before the tour, we carefully study your design project and suggestions and immediatelyy find suitable manufacturers.

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