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So you finally decided to go for furniture and repair parts to China. Here you need to understand that the options in China are significantly different from the options in Russia and even in Europe. China is the largest in the world (!) Furniture area and also the largest market for the different options of repair components: plumbing, finishing materials and much more. Since the tour is limited in time and you have just a few days to buy everything to be pleased with your choice, so it is absolutely necessary for us to completely understand your requirements for style, type of furniture etc, before the trip. Otherwise, you risk losing yourself in a variety of choices and presented variants of performances for just one style, not to mention the fact that in China all possible variations of styles are presented with the possibility of individual execution of your furniture according to your size, colors, and textures. Our company strongly recommends using the services of a designer, one's own or ours. Anyway choosing a professional furniture tour to China, you can afford to pay for the services of a designer. What will it give:

  1. A full view of what you want to buy in advance. While the project is preparing you will be able for several months to determine the style, color, texture, and filling, and not get lost in the variety and tight deadlines.
  2. You will have all the exact dimensions in advance and will know exactly what to buy, and we will know where to take you and what to show in order not to waste precious time.
  3. You will be sure in advance that you will find what you are looking for and will remain content with a productive trip that will save you time and money. As well you will be able to buy quality good with less money.
  4. You will receive a professional view and a complete set of drawings for further repairs, which will eliminate errors in the design, which cannot be fixed when the repairs are done.

Choosing a professional furniture tour in China, remember that this is also an opportunity to professionally approach such a complex and costly task as repair, and a professional approach is an opportunity to save time, money and nerves, and to be satisfied with all parameters. Do not neglect the professional services of a designer to exclude frustration, unnecessary costs and errors in repairs in the future. With us, you can afford this important element in the repair of your property.

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