страна шамбала
County Shambhala

Shambhala is an alluring word covered with myths, legends, and hazy ideas.What only bracelets, beads and attractions offers us a search engine leading away from our minds.


Shambhala is a magical country in Asian philosophy. A place where harmony and knowledge reigns. The abode of wisdom and the transition point to Nirvana. Shambala reflects the internal and external state of a person: the state of his mind, soul, spirit, body, mind, and subconscious. It is a state, for the sake of which we buy clothes, choose a style, prepare tasty dishes - in order to get this or that condition with its shades.

We will not go round and round for a long time - our habitats and pastimes, their style, thoughtfulness, entourage, depth of the atmosphere have a direct impact on our external and internal state. But what if you don’t look for the magical Shambala, but create your own, for yourself, to reflect your inner world and the mood of the soul in the interior? What is first needed for this? - paints, elements, colors, lines and transitions, meanings and principles. Where to look for a reflection of yourself, if the stores do not give a complete palette of mood?


магия креативности

There is a way out - the world's largest choice of products for arranging the space, be it home or work or public. Truly professional opportunities with no limited choice - this is exactly what you need to achieve your goal. This is not fiction, it is a new modern reality, in which opportunities are not only available, but they are professional. What the king had never dreamed of before. Affordable luxury ... The luxury of choice, the luxury of colors and textures, the luxury of materials and the possibility of individualization of interior items. The ability to create a harmonious, concise, technological, eco-friendly and exclusive space that conveys all the tones of mood and shades of emotions. The interior in which you want to dwell, fill with strength, spend time, work, filled with emotions and feel Life at the tip of your fingers in its electrical impulses and magnetic vibrations ... That's what Shambala means to us.


And its important component is a comfort, which is not in the mountains and ravines of the mysterious Tibet. And no matter how enticing the magic of the mysteriousness of this phenomenon of Shambhala, no one forbids you to show the magic of exclusive lines and colors in everyday life. After all, the question is in you, how will you relate to such an important point as the repair, decoration, and furnishing of the interior. How deeply are you ready to plunge into opportunities, into yourself - so that Shambhala ceases to be something unavailable and unattainable?


Furniture tours to China - it is an opportunity to touch the most modern technologies, diversity, depth of imagination. Just a small action and you are already flying to Guangzhou to choose, to dive into euphoria, to watch your dream become a reality, a reality that will lead you to a different state: your personal Shambhala and the comfort of modern technology is a very interesting offer. Think carefully: is it worth it to undergo the herd reflex in pursuit of a brand or still make an informed choice and trust professionals with 10 years of experience and strong partnerships in China.

магия креативности Magic of creativity


Article made by: Loginovskiy Pavel Alexandrovich
neuromarketologist, business analyst, project manager.

Best regards, Asia Trans Furniture team

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